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command-line calendar program that can keep track of eventspal is a command-line calendar program for Unix/Linux systems that can keep track of events. It has similarities with the Unix cal command, the more complex GNU gcal program, and the calendar program distributed with the BSDs. . Some of pal's main features are: * A cal-like calendar that highlights days that have events. * Assign different colors to different types of events. * Search events with regular expressions (-s). * Includes calendars for US holidays, Christian holidays, world holidays, historical events and more. * One-time events and a variety of recurring events are supported (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). Recurring events can have start and end dates. * Easy-to-use interface for interactively adding, editing and deleting events (-m). * Automated deletion of old events (-x). * Option to generate an HTML calendar (--html). * Option to generate a LaTeX calendar suitable for printing (--latex). . Ways to use pal effectively include: * Create your own calendar files and be reminded of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and events. * Remind yourself daily of your "To Do" list by using the special TODO event type. * Run pal in your shell initialization file (such as ~/.bash_profile) to see your calendar whenever you open a new terminal. * Set up a cron job that emails you and/or others the output of pal every morning (--mail). * View the calendars of other pal users on the same system.
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