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command-line calendar program that can keep track of events
pal is a command-line calendar program for Unix/Linux systems that can keep
track of events. It has similarities with the Unix cal command, the more
complex GNU gcal program, and the calendar program distributed with the BSDs.
Some of pal's main features are:
* A cal-like calendar that highlights days that have events.
* Assign different colors to different types of events.
* Search events with regular expressions (-s).
* Includes calendars for US holidays, Christian holidays, world holidays,
historical events and more.
* One-time events and a variety of recurring events are supported (daily,
weekly, monthly, yearly). Recurring events can have start and end dates.
* Easy-to-use interface for interactively adding, editing and deleting
events (-m).
* Automated deletion of old events (-x).
* Option to generate an HTML calendar (--html).
* Option to generate a LaTeX calendar suitable for printing (--latex).
Ways to use pal effectively include:
* Create your own calendar files and be reminded of upcoming meetings,
deadlines, and events.
* Remind yourself daily of your "To Do" list by using the special TODO event
* Run pal in your shell initialization file (such as ~/.bash_profile) to see
your calendar whenever you open a new terminal.
* Set up a cron job that emails you and/or others the output of pal every
morning (--mail).
* View the calendars of other pal users on the same system.
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